It just fell down and died.


I can see the sun shine again. Yesterday they suddenly changed the predictions for a sunny day to a very cloudy day and that prediction was still there early this morning. It was cloudy but now the sun is shining again and I can see less of that white water in the sky. I even have the kitchen door open, there are still a few wasps around but it looks like they are giving up now. Yesterday one flew in and struggled a while to get through the window and suddenly it just fell down and died. The bumblebees are still working hard though so I guess their queens still are in the nests. A few butterflies are also flying around still.






It was a rather nice morning even if it was cloudy, a bit on the cool side but no wind. We walked in to the forest because I hoped it was chilly enough to keep the moose flies calm but it wasn’t. Lots of them around and I killed several that wanted to see if they could bite me somewhere. We didn’t have these flies in Sweden 30 years ago and I do think they could have stayed abroad and the warmer climate will only make them feel even more at home I’m afraid. All I can hope for is that this dry summer has killed lots of them and that their larvae will have problems too because they need wet soil to survive and there isn’t a lot of that around now.





The Empress suddenly decided she would like to play with the commoner's. When she does she plays tough but Albin didn't mind :-)
The Empress suddenly decided she would like to play with the commoner’s. When she does she plays tough but Albin didn’t mind 🙂




It is time to place the potted flowers somewhere there the frost won’t reach them before I bring them inside for the winter. I don’t have that many this year. I can’t just bring them in because they will react to the more dry air in the cottage. I’ll start by placing them on the patio close to the wall and cover them during nights if there’s a risk of frost. I doubt that will be any day close though.




Rather tasty if fried in butter 🙂


I’ve done most of the laundry and I only have some t-shirts left to do. The rest is hanging in the patio to dry. A weekend is really too short, two days are never enough three would be fine at the moment but I guess it wouldn’t take long until I thought that was too little too 🙂 I didn’t win the lottery yesterday so I’ll keep on dreaming 🙂





Rather good if You plan on going berserk 🙂


Have a great day!


6 thoughts on “It just fell down and died.

  1. Hi Christer,
    Wasps that just fall down and die when they’re inside your house are the best kinds of wasps to have inside your house. 🙂

    Albin looks like he’s filling out his harness a bit better.

    I had 3 day weekends every week for the last few years that I worked. Very quickly 3 days became not long enough. The problem was not the amount of time off that I had. The problem was the amount of time I had to be in work. 🙂

    Today is dreary and damp with cool, damp breeze. We are not supposed to get rain but I felt some spitty rain while out with the dogs. And there are drops on my jeep. Maybe a stray shower. No definite rain until Monday. Maybe. They’ve been wrong all summer.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      Yes they are unless they fall down on the floor so any of us walk on them, they can still give nasty stings after dying. I check the stairs every time I go up to my bedroom and I’ve found several dead there. Yes I did smile when I found them 🙂

      He does and now I even have to loosen it up some 🙂 He’s quite heavy though, much more than it looks.

      That is the problem 🙂 so I better win that lottery and soon too 🙂

      It is cloudy again but still rather nice outside. it helps a lot that the humidity is very low. It will rise again tomorrow so I better enjoy this short time that it’s low 🙂

      Have a great day!



    1. Hi Joyce!

      He is the little monster 🙂

      At least You get rain, I know many who want it not me though 🙂
      I wonder if You’ll get any autumn or if winter comes directly instead.

      Have a great day!



  2. Hi Christer! What a pretty blue moth! I like that picture! And of course the lovely shot of the sunrise in the window – another fave! 🙂 So I have gone and ordered a DNA kit for Karma. She’s just so intriguing that I really want to know her DNA. Because she was abandoned on the side of the road, no one knows her story but her and the person who dumped her. So we will see. I am still waiting for the kit to come 🙂

    I have not seen a wasp around here in over a week. I hope they are all done too. Annoying little buggers they are! We have had such a mixed bag of weather that we will still have mosquitoes flying around. Talk about annoying!!!!

    I have a 2 hour meeting this afternoon for work. Yuck. There’s 2 hours of me trying to stay awake 🙂

    Have a good evening!!


    1. Hi Dianna!

      There are several butterflies like it and they are hard to see the difference between so we just call all of them Blue wing. It is one of my favorite butterflies.

      I’ve never done a DNA test on my dogs, only myself 🙂 I’ve had a fairky good understand of what background all my dogs have and have had. It is very interesting, those DNA tests! One cxan be very surprised by the outcome, I know I was when I got my answer 🙂

      Albin just played with an injured wasp queen! Thankfully I could remove her before she stung him. Very few mosquitoes this year though, I’ve only beenm bitten three times by them! I do hope that even if we should get some rain now that it will be too late for them to become more.

      I really dislike long meetings!

      Have a great day!



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