I’m glad they’re out there checking.


I’ve had a rather nice morning after sleeping really good, I only woke up once because two dogs were sleeping on my arm so I couldn’t move it 🙂 It was a chilly morning, the temperature almost went down to 0C (32F) so my bedroom was pretty cool since the window had been open all night. I wasn’t freezing though, it is hard to do that when three dogs sleep beside me 🙂






We went out on our walk just before the sun was about to rise and we started walking in to the village. It actually doesn’t feel right saying we were walking in the village since all houses are spread far apart from each other 🙂 A work friend refered to this village as a waistland 🙂 I knew the fog wouldn’t stay for long as soon as the sun had risen so I really didn’t want to meet any neighbor who wanted to chat for a while. Of course I did but I really couldn’t be annoyed because of that, Saturday mornings are the only times we actually meet.






So I could see how the fog evaporated and thought I’ve missed some chances of getting good photos but then the fog came back again 🙂 We were out walking for almost two hours and the last of the fog vanished just after we had come home again. The coolest thing on our walk was when I saw the rainbow in the forest, or should I call it fogbow? I managed to capture it in a few photographs thankfully. It was still so cold that no moose flies flew around and that’s always a plus 🙂



Full moon on one side of us and
Full moon on one side of us and
sunrise on the other. Today I saw the sun and full moon at the same time :-)
sunrise on the other. Today I saw the sun and full moon at the same time 🙂


I had to go to Falköping this morning too. I had forgotten to renew my lottery tickets and needed more air in one of the tires. Normally I fill air in that tire on my way home from work on Fridays but just didn’t have the time yesterday and I also forgot to fill it when I was at the garage to look at the car. After that I had to go to the grocery store in Gudhem because I had forgotten to pick up a package when I was there yesterday. I had bought what I thought was two aquarium filters on our eBay (called Tradera here) for the goldfishes I’ll have in the cool cellar this coming winter.




The fog started to give up or so I thought anyway.
The fog started to give up or so I thought anyway.


Turns out I now have four filters and one immersion heater, I can’t have read that article properly 🙂 Well I thought it was cheap before and now it became very cheap since they all work very well 🙂 Anyhow, on my way to Falköping I was stopped by the police, they were making an alcohol control, You know a breathalyzer. I had of course no problems with that and could continue to Falköping. On the way home however they still were there and I saw how a man was taken in to the back seat of the police car. I’m so glad the police is out there doing these controls!






I bought the dogs some rawhide bones to chew on and now I have to check that they don’t steal them from each other. Last time I gave them rawhide Sune stole it from Albin, today it was Albin’s turn to steal it from Sune 🙂 No one dares taking anything from Nova though but she is well-known for taking everyone elses things 🙂 and none of them dare taking it back 🙂 After all they all seems to think she’s the queen of the universe so perhaps they think it is ok even though they don’t like it. They just sit there looking sadly at her 🙂






It is time for something to eat and I’ll have tea today, have had way too much coffee this week. Today I have to water all the pots outside, it is so dry now that even bigger trees starts to look sad.







Have a great day!


Then it happened, I saw the rainbow in the forest! Or should I call it fogbow? I could have photographed an entire circle but I didn't want to damage the light sensor in the camera. That can happen if one photograph towards the sun if there's no clouds or something else in between.
Then it happened, I saw the rainbow in the forest! Or should I call it fogbow? I could have photographed an entire circle but I didn’t want to damage the light sensor in the camera. That can happen if one photograph towards the sun if there’s no clouds or something else in between.





4 thoughts on “I’m glad they’re out there checking.

  1. Hi Christer,
    Your spiders appear to make some really thick webs. 🙂

    If you think about it, rainbows are sunlight refracting off moisture in the air. Fog is moisture in the air. Normally, you have to have the sun behind you to see a rainbow. This is more like refraction through a lot of prisms hanging in the air. Like when you hang your old cd’s up in the window as a sun catcher. But better. 🙂 Beautiful.

    Nova is the alpha bitch. No one would cross her. 🙂 Rocky always wants the toy Piki Dog has and demands that I (also alpha bitch) take it away from Piki Dog and give it to him. Normally, I refuse and Rocky resorts to diversionary tactics to lure Piki Dog away from the toy so he can steal it. One day last week I refused, as usual. Rocky continued to stare at me and make his “I demand” subliminal huff/growl noise. Finally, he just went after Piki Dog and it was not a play attack. I had to shove my laptop (what was I thinking!?!) in between them to break it up. Rocky got a good yelling at, too. All has been peaceful since then.

    It’s wicked dry here. The black walnut leaflets are turning yellow and falling off. A lot of the walnuts dropped while they were still very small. The grass is now dirt in some parts of my lawn, brown and crispy pretty much anywhere that is in the sun most of the time. I’m living in a cone of no rain. All the storms have gone around my town. It’s supposed to rain tonight or tomorrow. They’ve said that before.

    Today is cool and crisp. The sun has warmed it a bit but it’s still cold inside the house.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      Nah, it’s just the dew that make it look so thick. This summer has been so dry that dew has been rare here. That’s why I’ve photographed so few webs this summer.

      You are so right! What surprised me most though was that I saw it in the forest, so little light gets in there but today the sun was in the exact right angle. I didn’t want to risk destroying the camera by photographing directly towards the sun, otherwise You would have seen a perfect raincircle 🙂

      Albin did try to take something from her a while ago and I’m pretty sure he’ll never try that again 🙂 So far it seems to be rather even between Sune and Albin even though Sune too can bite back rather badly. It hasn’t gone as far as between Rocky and Piki Dog yet though but it’s just a matter of time. I do hope I am at home when it happens.

      My walnut grows at the exact right place because by now its roots has reached the ground water level (it’s just 10 feet down into the ground). It isn’t even close to how dry it is where You live though, we have after all had some rainy weeks this summer.

      It is so nice outside now, sunny with a weak wind and just below 68F, I really don’t need it any warmer even during summer as long as it doesn’t rain all the time 🙂

      Have a great day!



  2. Hi Christer!! So terribly late checking all my emails! Had a busy, busy weekend and went to bed at 8:30 Saturday night I was so exhausted! But just look at those pictures!!! Each and everyone is amazing. I love the moon and the forest and the fogbows!!! 🙂 🙂 How fantastic is that that you were there at the right time. Amazing!!

    Oh yes, our Karma is the queen of stealing everything from her brother. And don’t dare take anything from her…..she’s quite the nasty piece when she wants to be 🙂 And she will let you know it! 🙂

    Off to read yesterday’s blog now!


    1. Hi Dianna!

      I have seen rainbows in fog before but never in the forest and that good looking. I’m glad I always bring a camera with me 🙂 I love mornings like that!

      Nova doesn’t only look just like what my old dog Erna did (but half the size) she also think she is the queen of the universe 🙂 The other ones have now learned to undertsand that 🙂

      Have a great day!



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