They didn’t get anything right today.

It is now dark when I go to work on Friday mornings.
It is now dark when I go to work on Friday mornings.

They predicted sunshine for today and I have to admit that I did see the sun through the clouds for a few seconds when I emptied trash at work outside into a container. I’m not sure I would count that as sunshine though 🙂 They never predicted the rain that fell in the village wg´here I work but I did see it fall so all in all they were really wrong today 🙂 They now predict sunshine for the afternoon and evening but the clouds are so thick that I doubt they’ll be right about that either 🙂


I took two photos on the way to work and I let the editing program take care of this photo :-) I like it though.
I took two photos on the way to work and I let the editing program take care of this photo 🙂 I like it though.




I think the wasp problem might be over! Today when I came home I found lots of dead smaller wasps on the stairs to my entrance door and I do mean a lot. This time I’m not the responsible for their death because I don’t have any wasp poison left and haven’t had for a few days. There are still a few flying around but they are much bigger so I guess those are the queens that will start new nests next spring. They are much more careful, they do need to survive till next year or there will be no wasps any more.






We woke up at 2am last night, the room was boiling hot even if the window had been open all night. I let the dogs out and as soon as they came in we went to bed again and to my big surprise I fell asleep immediately. Can’t say I felt alert when I woke up though 🙂 It was a bit cooler this morning though so I hope it’ll stay that way from now on, I’m not used to warm nights. Albin now understand how the poochie bells work, now I only have to teach him that he should use them before he pees and not after he has done it 🙂 At least he has figured out that I’ll open the door when I hear the bells 🙂



The red color on the toadstools isn't water proof, they tend to look rather washed out after a little rain.
The red color on the toadstools isn’t water proof, they tend to look rather washed out after a little rain.



It is time for a cup of coffee and something to eat, well at least after the dogs have gotten their food 🙂 I have like always no plans for the weekend but I will mow the lawn if the weather is good.







Have a great day!


Looks like we're having a new born in the village.
Looks like we’re having a new-born in the village.

6 thoughts on “They didn’t get anything right today.

  1. Hi Christer,
    Wow, that’s a late season calf.

    It’s nice when they learn that the bells will get the door to open even if most of the time they just want to go out and take a look around.

    I like the dark road picture. I’m not sure I’d like that commute in a snowstorm, though.

    It’s summer again here today. Very warm and very humid. Even though it was much cooler on our early morning walk, it was still very sticky out. I turned the AC on as soon as I got back just to dry out the house. Bleh.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      Yes it is, I can’t remember when one was born this late before.

      Just that he actually use the bells is a huge success, none of the others do. Now I’ll only have to teach him to use them before he pees 🙂

      That road is a bundle of fun when the snow storms hit 🙂 I must drive it though so I better enjhoy it even if I don’t 🙂

      Really nice morning here today and with a bit of luck it will continue to stay really nice. I don’t trust the weather men though 🙂

      Have a great day!



  2. Hi Christer! Wow, that first photo is incredibly eerie! I like it 🙂 🙂 🙂 I think your weather people and ours are talking. They were threatening for everyone to take umbrellas today as it was going to rain. Alot. It didn’t and the sun is shining. A few clouds here and there but nothing like the hellfire and brimstone they were warning about 🙂

    I too have no plans this weekend. Which I like. We were tossing around the idea of going to see the movie Sully but nothing set yet. I think that would be a movie that deserves to be seen on a big screen. I don’t normally like going to the movies, I am not a huge fan of watching movies full stop (I always fall asleep) but this one I think I will enjoy. Plus I have a coupon! 🙂

    I think its funny that Albin rings the bell coming AND going. I always get a chuckle from the animal when they do something funny…I do often wonder how their brains work.

    Have a good Friday evening!


    1. Hi Dianna!

      They might have been to the same school when learning how to predict the weather 🙂 Sometimes they are so wrong that I wonder if they have any kind of education at all 🙂

      I do like going to the movies,m especially since there are no breaks interrupting the film. I live a bit too farvaway from any cinema though so it rarely happens.

      Now I only have toteach him to use the bells before he does anything 🙂 but just the fact that he is using them is a great success 🙂

      Have a great day!



  3. Christer,
    The first picture looks impressionistic painted maybe by Monet. It is neat in its originality.

    I’m glad the wasps are dying off. Now Albin will be less afraid. Gracie took to the poochie bells so quickly I thought the ringing was by mistake then she whacked them again. The bells are now used when I have to shut the door because I have the air conditioner on. Gracie rings with a lot of force.

    My front fence is covered in flowers, and during the day, the flowers are covered with bees. I walk gingerly through the gate to my car.

    The weather doesn’t change much. We have had clouds a lot and not much rain.

    Have a great afternoon.


    1. Hi Kat!

      Unfortunately Albin mostly wants to go out via the kitchen door but when he chose the other one he knows how to use those bells. Nova knows it too but rather wait until I understand that she wants to go outside. Sune have not a clue though 🙂

      Not many flowers in bloom here now, it is just toodry even if we have gotten some rain lately. The few that are flowering are visited by lots of honeybees and bumblebees 🙂

      Rather nice here today, so nice that I mowed that last part outside my garden.

      Have a great day!



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