Too bad they don’t taste anything.

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The morning was rather cold and there was fog in many places I drove through to get to work. I think we had lots of sunshine during the day but clouds covered the sky when I came home. There is a rather strong wind today so I went out into the forest with the hope that the moose flies would stay calm in the vegetation.


DSC_0021 (20)

The seed capsules on the Himalayan Balsam. Touch them and they explode sending the seeds several meters away.
The seed capsules on the Himalayan Balsam. Touch them and they explode sending the seeds several meters away (plenty of feet 🙂 ).

DSC_0023 (18)

There were a few of them out and about but they were easy to keep away from me, I don’t think they even cared to fly to the dogs. It was quite nice out there but even if we’ve had heavy rains for a few days now it still is very dry out there. I would have loved to walk out on the bog because it is so dry now that one can walk with ordinary shoes out there now but I just can’t stand those moose flies and there are plenty of them out there.


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I've never seen so many False Chanterelles in my life as I did today. Too bad they don't taste anything.
I’ve never seen so many False Chanterelle’s in my life as I did today. Too bad they don’t taste anything.

DSC_0029 (18)

Lots of mushrooms in the forest now but most of those I saw was either inedible, toxic or without any taste. I don’t have to see the corpse mushroom to know they are nearby though, they do smell like rotten meat and the flies just love them 🙂 It would have been nice to find something edible to have on a sandwich tonight but I think it still is too dry in the ground for most mushrooms to even consider growing above ground.


DSC_0030 (20)

DSC_0031 (20)

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It is time for something to eat and today I’ll have hot cocoa, the weather invites to have that 🙂

Have a great day!


12 thoughts on “Too bad they don’t taste anything.

  1. no mushrooms here since we have had so little rain. at least it will be good weather for the wedding weekend and then killer heat again. i don’t think this summer will ever end!


    1. Hi Joyce!

      Other parts where there has fallen morerain is filled with mushrooms since long but it has been to9o dry here. Rather nice here again today and tomorrow as well but the weekend will be rainy they say.

      I’m glad that You get good weather during the wedding!

      Have a great day!



  2. Hi Christer,
    No mushrooms here. Too dry.
    Not a lot of flies, either, but I’ve been good about cleaning up the dog yard. Mosquitoes don’t seem to have suffered a lot. Even so, I’m also not seeing many dragonflies and this is usually the time when there are a lot around.
    I’ve been putting out water for the birds and whatever else wants to use it because my back swamp is pretty dry.
    A lot of the wildflowers here have died and many went before setting seed.

    Today is cloudy, warm and humid. It’s comfortable enough if you don’t actually do anything.

    I read today that dogs respond both to the meaning of words and the tone of voice used. If the meaning of the word doesn’t match the tone of voice only part of their brain will respond. So if you say to your dog “you stinky thing” in a consistently happy voice, they will learn that “you stinky thing” is a good sound but how do they know that “you stinky thing” means go roll in something stinky?

    I shall ponder that question over coffee. It’s about as active as I want to be today. 🙂

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      The mushrooms have been waiting for those last heavy showers we had during the nights but there aren’t that many anyway, except for the false chantrelles 🙂 Still a few flies hanging (and those nasty moose flies close to the bog) around but almost no mosquitos! I still see a few dragonflies every day but they are fewer than last sumnmer.

      We’ve had a rather nice day again here and it will be the same tomorrow they say but the weekend will be rainy.I worked in the neighbor factory so I did get to enjoy the day even if it was just for a few minutes 🙂

      I read that about the dogs too. Dogs have their way to know things or misunderstand things to their own advantage 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!



  3. I almost cried when I read your reply to my comment regarding cats. Thank you so much! Everyone else is calling us foolish but we are enjoying these kittens so much. Almost not kittens anymore. As big as mom, almost!
    I haven’t been posting but I’m thinking of doing one on the cats. Yes! I have already found the spay and release clinic which is only about a mile or so from us. I am so pleased! I need to get busy on trapping them because of the two females. Has to be done soon.
    Here in California if you have a dog it must be licensed or you can be fined, and to get it a licensed you must have the “chip” so that if the dog gets lost, it can be indentified by a vet or by the shelter. So we had Mele done. Unfortunately she suddenly became ill last week..and stopped eating and smelled terrible. We took her to the Vet this morning and her chip is NOT giving out the signal and has formed a large lump. She is also having her teeth cleaned to day and the Vet is going to remove the lump to see what is going on and IF the chip is in the lump. So..I’m waiting….VERY upset. Our animals are our children…family members!! You have been through things with your animals so you know exactly how I am feeling!

    Lots going on here animal wise. Haven’t seen Kiki all day. Wondering the kittens have been born. She cannot jump the fence anymore she is so big.
    Coons have been visiting the yard lately and making messes…
    Will Coon’s kill baby kittens? Do you know? *sigh*
    I’m like a cat on a hot tin roof here!!! LOL
    Have a nice day, Christer, and wish me luck!


    1. Yes, raccoons will kill kittens. They have also been known to corner and kill adult cats. Round those cats and kittens up as soon as possible and thanks to you for taking care of them.
      In my part of the country both dogs and cats must be licensed but they do not have to be chipped. I think the chips are a good idea and have helped save many strays. I hope Mele is okay.


    2. Hi Mona!

      Caryn gave You the right answer about raccoons and cats/ kittens. I had absolutely no idea at all 🙂

      Of course You’re not foolish! I would do the same but all stray cats that find this village has a home in any of the barns around here, all farmers are organic farmers and aren’t allowed to use rat poison so cats are more than well welcome there 🙂

      Perfect that You already have found that clinic! You do have the climat where a spayed feral cat can survive with a little help, here they freeze to death. There are so many unwanted cats so meeting You was the best that could happen to them 🙂

      We have to mark our animals in some way, either a tattoo or a chip and register them too but we don’t have to have any license, no one paid that license anyway 🙂 The father of Orvar and Hector had that problem as Mele has now, they had to remove it and he got an ear tattoo instead. It is a quite common problem that they normally never tell You about. The chip can also start to travel around in the body, not dangerous for the dog but it is hard to find it if needed. Yes I know how You’re feeling!

      I guess she has had her kittens or just is about to get them. She will soon come home to You to show them 🙂

      Have a great day!



      1. Once a year I have my vet check that Rocky and Piki Dog’s chips are still working. Sometimes they can migrate in the body and can’t be read. I also check to be sure the information on file for each chip is correct. Systems fail. It’s best to be sure that all is correct.
        When I got Piki Dog, I was told by the adoption agency that his chip was registered to the woman who ran the adoption agency that rescued him and that the chip was from a particular provider. When I called that company, I was told that chip was actually from a different provider. That provider told me the chip had never been activated and had no information on it at all. Never assume.


      2. I should do that with my dogs too. Personally I prefer the tattoo but thst’s nothing I can decide over unless the puppies are mine. I’ll see if the new vet can do that, he has a lot of things though, like an x-ray machine so he will most likely have a chip reader too. I think however Nova is registred on the organisation that saved her, I might be the one she lives with but they are stillthe owners. They do like that so the ones the dogs move to behave, if we don’t they just come and get the dog or cat or what ever animal it is.


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