Summer’s back.

The first red toadstool for the year.
The first red toadstool for this year.

It has been very warm today, my neighbor said it almost reached 28C (82,4F). That is what they have predicted for tomorrow (today should have been a few degrees cooler) so I wonder how hot it will become. Thankfully it is Friday so I stop working at noon.


DSC_0027 (15)

DSC_0028 (13)

DSC_0032 (14)

DSC_0034 (15)

There’s no wind and the humidity is high so it hasn’t been especially pleasant to be honest. Even the morning was warm, Scandinavian warm that is. It was 15C (59F) already when I woke up before 5 am.The few flies still hanging around were insanely annoying so I guess there might be thunder later today and I’m pretty sure we’ll have it during the night towards Saturday because the temperature will drop considerable. We’ll still have sunny weather though.


DSC_0037 (14)

DSC_0041 (12)

DSC_0042 (13)

DSC_0043 (13)

It is time for something to eat but it is way too warm for cocoa today, too bad the powder I have can’t be mixed in cold milk. Must remember to buy that tomorrow on my way home.


Four photographs taken with the Zeiss in Lidköping and by the lake Vänern.
Four photographs taken with the Zeiss in Lidköping and by the lake Vänern.
Lots of geese in the marina.
Lots of geese in the marina.


Too bad this confectionery wasn't open when I was in the town.
Too bad this confectionery wasn’t open when I was in the town.

Have a great day!


4 thoughts on “Summer’s back.

  1. Hi Christer,
    Wow. Albin is small. Seeing him next to Bertil gives me a better idea of his size. He’s not a lot bigger than Bertil. He has giant feet, though. I guess he has a fair amount of growing left to do.

    If you dissolve the cocoa powder in an equal amount of boiling water to make a syrup, you can then mix it into cold milk. You just have to be sure that it’s all dissolved and that it cools down a little before you put it in the milk. It’s a good thing to do if you have a cocoa craving on a hot day. Or if you want to have hot chocolate syrup over your ice cream.

    Today is much warmer and more humid than the past few days. I was going to mow the lawn but I waited so long for the dew to dry that it might be too late in the day. Oh, darn. 🙂

    Enjoy the evening.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      Yes he is but still almost twice as big as when he moved here 🙂 but as You say, his feet are large so he has lots of growing to do 🙂 I think he’ll become almost as big as Nova in the end.

      I’m sitting here with a cold cup with cocoa 🙂 I did as You described and it is really nice since it ia nasty hot with a strong wind outside right now.

      It is really hot outside and the strong wind doesn’t help, it is like walking in a hair dryer 🙂 No thunder nearby but I’m pretty sure we’ll get it sooner or later, clouds are blowing in from west and they have had thunder on the other side of lake Vänern already.

      Have a great day!



  2. The cats are very trusting! Ours mostly run when they see our son’s puppy. He is too bouncy. He doesn’t understand why they won’t play with him like the cat he lives with.

    We had a severe thunderstorm watch again last night and some rain. More rain is expected tonight and they must think we will get more as we are under a flash flood watch. We don’t live close to any streams or rivers but if we were out driving on country roads would need to watch out for flooded low water bridges. It was pretty warm when I mowed the yard today but is down to 83 now.


    1. Hi Joyce!

      Well they do give him a lesson in how to behave every now and again and he has lots of tin scratches in his ears 🙂 but he’s getting better and the cats do have lots of patience 🙂

      They say we’ll most likely get thunder here too later today but so far it’s calm here. Lots of thunder in other parts of Sweden though. It is Scandinavian hot here today (around 80) and a strong wind makes it feel even hotter 🙂 No lawn mowing for me today but perhaps tomorrow since it will cool down considerable during the night.

      Have a great day!



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