We change to a later appointment.

DSC_0028 (11)

I’m a bit late today, we had an early appointment at the vet but he called and asked if we could come later and so we did.


DSC_0025 (10)

DSC_0026 (8)

DSC_0027 (9)

Nova is now fine in her ear and there’s nothing wrong with her anal glands, he think it most likely is time to deworm her again. So I’ll drive to the pharmacy first thing tomorrow.


Three from the Agfa.
Three from the Agfa.



I’ll also buy some fish for my aquarium. I still haven’t decided what kind I want but I have decided that I’ll only have fish from the same  continent this time and by that I mean either South America or eastern Asia. Either Angel fish and tetra or Pearl gourami and most likely one or two kinds of rasboras.


Three from the Zeiss.
Three from the Zeiss.



It is time to have a cup of tea and perhaps something to eat.

Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “We change to a later appointment.

  1. Christer,
    What gives Nova worms? I haven’t ever had a dog with worms so I wonder how they get them.

    I got a notice from my vets that it is time for Gracie’s senior physical which is different than her yearly physical. All it means to me is more money. I am paying a huge amount for all the medication for Fern and Gracie’s pills are $66.oo.

    I do love your black and white pictures.

    Have a fine day!!


    1. Hi Kat!

      Since my dogs walks as they please they also eat what they please 🙂 So if they eat a dead something, like a mouse for instance or mouse poop they will get worms. Thankfully we don’t have the worm that is deadly for humans here, that one is spread by voles, the dogs doesn’t feel anything but if humans get it (if the doigs liks us in the face for insteance) we won’t notice anythging until we are about to die, it destroys our liver after a few years in our bodies. Now days there are also places here whirh heart worms and those are spread by mosquitos I think.

      I don’t think it is that common with yearly physicals and senior physicals here in Sweden, not yet anyway. I guess it is a good thing if some kind of disease is building up in our dogs but I think most of us just go to the vet when we notice that something is wrong. What happens in the US will eventual happen here too so I guess it is just a matter of time till it is a common thing over here too. The new vet we’re going to is really cheap! The last time he checked Nova’s ear it didn’t cost more than $39 US. Can’t remember when it was that cheap the last time 🙂

      I do like B&W photos but I do think it is much harder to take them, colors can save a bad photo 🙂

      Have a great day!



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