That stung badly.

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I’ve just walked on a wasp. I was upstairs to let some flies out when I suddenly felt a rather nasty pain in my foot. I looked down on the floor and there it was and badly squashed too. I used to swell something nasty back in the days when I got stung by a wasp but not this time. Instead every now and again it feels like a needle is pushed in to my arch of the foot, quite unpleasant but nothing else is happening, I don’t feel sick so I guess this is it. Well better me than the dogs.


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Albin has realised how fun it is to take a potted plant, drag it around the garden and then destroy it 🙂 It is really the plastic pot he wants so I have now given him a small plastic bottle that he can chew on as much as he pleases. It doesn’t stop him from getting a new potted plant every now and again though but he does think the bottle is very funny. Next time I’ll put some treats in it so he can try to get them out. He needs to use his brain too, not only the teeth 🙂


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The morning was chilly and I did see the sunrise before the clouds started to cover the sky and when they did the little wind we had died out. It isn’t until now in the afternoon that the clouds are gone the wind has started to blow again, a bit too weak for my taste though because it doesn’t disturb the flies especially much. I thought the fly season should be over by now since they started so early this year but they just keep on annoying me. It is very noticeable when their season is over though, one morning they’re just not there any more. Like as if almost all died that same night.


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It is time to make something to eat, I’m thinking pommes frites (thick french fries) and perhaps prince sausages. It can be pancakes too but the pommes frites are easier since I’ll just put them in the oven, I don’t have a deep fryer and I think they are healthier if I just put them in the oven since I won’t use any fat at all. I mailed some film rolls to the developer today but I have no idea when they’ll come back since it is summer and most of us normally have summer vacations here.


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Have a great day!


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6 thoughts on “That stung badly.

    1. Hi Joyce!

      Sometimes it works great between them sometimes not so much 🙂 but hes slowly learning hgow to interact with other dogs. I can’t expect more since he’s so young.

      I can fully understand that You don’t like that hot weather, I’m so glad it cooled down here and we had only had the heatwave for one and a half week 🙂

      have a great day despite the weather!



  1. Hi Christer,
    Plastic bottles are almost as good as sticks. Put the cap back on after you put treats in. He’ll have to think about that a bit before he chews the cap off. Rocky goes right for the cap and abandons it all as soon as he gets the cap off. No more fun, I guess. I don’t even have to put treats in.

    I haven’t been stung by any bees or wasps lately. I hope saying it doesn’t jinx me. The last time was quite some years ago after I tried to swat a wasp with a folded copy of The Church Militant. Unfortunately that periodical didn’t have enough clout to do the job and the wasp stung me three times before she flew out the door. That hurt. Physically and psychologically. 😀

    Today is very cloudy, warm and humid. It piddles down a bit of rain now and then. It’s more like a heavy mist than rain. It doesn’t even make dimples in the few puddles that are around. Every little bit counts, though.
    I turned the lawn sprinkler on yesterday for about an hour. I figured it would moisten the ground enough so that whatever rain fell today would soak in instead of running off. When I went out to shut it off, the birds were having such a good time in the puddles and under the sprinkler, I just sat out there for a long time and watched. But water is expensive so I did turn it off after awhile. They stayed out there in the puddles anyway.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      Plastic bottles are great toys but he isn’t strong enough to get that cap off, Sune was kind enough to do it for him 🙂 and if one put some water in it it’s great to throw as well.

      Long time since that happened to me as well and I had forgotten how painful it is 🙂 It continued to feel like needels were pushed in to my foot for a couple of hours but it is thankfully over now. I have used the electric tennis racket and even if it doesn’t kill with the first hit it will with the second. This one however didn’t need any electricity to die, my weight did the job 🙂

      Misty rain is awful, especially if it is cold outside because it eats its way right through the clothes in seconds, we have it quite often here and for the plants it’s quite useless I think since nothing seems to go down in tothe ground.

      It’s always good to water some before rain comes, otherwise it just runs off. I did the same here just before the latest showers arrived and the soil is still wet there but not elsewhere. Thankfully I have my own well so I don’t have to think on the cost.

      Have a great day!



  2. Hi Christer! Sorry to hear about the wasp – my great aunt used to keep a butter knife in the fridge in the summer just for this reason. If you get stung, you put the cold knife on the string and it draws out whatever is left behind. Not sure if you could still try that since its been awhile since you got stung, but that’s what we do every summer! Just in case…

    Ah yes, the joys of puppyhood. Into anything and everything. But they are so much fun! 🙂

    We are going to be wicked hot this weekend. I have opted to stay at home from the cottage. No point going there when all we would do is sit inside – too hot to enjoy any outing so I’d rather stay here and go during the September long weekend.

    I hope your pomme frites are just the thing! 🙂 Enjoy and have a good weekend!


    1. Hi Dianna!

      I was thinking of using a ice pack but I couldn’t remember if it was cold or heat that did the trick 🙂 Too many wasps around now so I better check where I put my feet from now on.

      Yes they are fun, good thing otherwise none of us would want puppies in our homes 🙂 🙂

      It’ll stay much like this during the weekend but after that it will be rather cold, down to 16C but they say we’ll get sunshine a big part of the week. That will of course chgange a lot before the weather arrives 🙂

      I never came around to make any dinner so I’ll have it tomorrow instead 🙂

      Have a great day!



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