Quite a nice morning.

Yesterday evening.
Yesterday evening.

I woke up at 4am today, a bit early but I felt fully rested so there was no use in staying in bed. I took a look out the window and saw that ground fog was building up. I could  however  not see if the sky was clear or cloudy but I’ve never seen ground fog unless the sky has been clear. Turns out it wasn’t just ground fog, it continued to build up to become “normal” fog.


DSC_0040 (11)

DSC_0041 (11)

DSC_0042 (12)

DSC_0043 (11)

It wasn’t that thick at the beginning but the longer we were out walking the thicker it became. My thermometers said 6C (42,8F) so I wore a fleece jacket but it didn’t feel that cold to be honest and after a while I started to regret wearing it. We started to walk towards the forest and bog but the fog wasn’t thick enough to be seen in there so we turned around and walked into the village instead.


DSC_0048 (11)

DSC_0049 (10)

DSC_0050 (9)

DSC_0051 (8)

Bertil, who had went out half an hour before us met up when we were leaving the forest and followed us on our entire walk. It s nice to see him coming back to normal again even if he may stay a nice cat, he’s so nice and kind now that no one of us can stand him for longer periods of time 🙂 🙂 Yesterday evening I had to toss him away from my bed because he just wouldn’t leave us alone 🙂


DSC_0054 (6)

DSC_0055 (6)

DSC_0056 (5)

DSC_0059 (2)


There were very few flies in the air but I could hear them warming up in the vegetation, they start to move their wings to warm up their bodies so every tree and bush sort of was buzzing, very strange sound 🙂 WE had been out for around an hour and was where the Beekeeper lives, it was so nice outside and the fog had thickened so much that I decided we should go to the bog anyway. The only sound, besides the flies, I could hear was one bird singing. Can’t say what species though. I also heard two squirrels chattering when Sune scared them and they were running upwards on a tree trunk.


DSC_0064 (3)

DSC_0065 (3)

DSC_0066 (3)

DSC_0068 (2)

I would have loved to walk around on the bog this foggy morning but it is now so wet that it’s hard to walk there and it is rather difficult to see deep holes as it is and almost impossible if it is foggy. So we turned homewards again. I was surprised to see that the fog stayed as long as it did, the sun didn’t manage to break through until around 9am.


DSC_0072 (2)

DSC_0074 (2)

DSC_0075 (2)

DSC_0071 (2)

I must have strained every single muscle in my back yesterday when I was cleaning the paint box 🙂 🙂 I don’t have to sit still more than a few minutes before they all get stiff and it is a pain to get up to do something 🙂 🙂


DSC_0079 (2)


DSC_0082 (1)

DSC_0084 (1)

It is time to get a cup of coffee and a sandwich or two. After that I think it’s best to start moving again so my back can go back to normal 🙂


DSC_0085 (1)

DSC_0086 (1)

DSC_0091 (1)

DSC_0092 (1)


Have a great day!


8 thoughts on “Quite a nice morning.

  1. Hi Christer,
    I love the photograph of the cow pasture with the dirt road and all the flowers. And I also love the one with the silhouette of Nova looking towards the sunlit road ahead. That one is very expressive.

    Poor Bertil has become a nice cat? He must still be missing his old friend and needs some comforting.

    No fog here. No rain either although there were strong thunderstorms all around me yesterday afternoon. Some had micro and macro bursts embedded in them and many trees were blown over. All I got was distant thunder and the briefest and lightest of sprinkles.
    Today the sun is shining. It’s not as hot and the humidity is supposed to go away for a few days. I have the windows open and it’s not too bad.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      I do like the one with Nova too otherwise it’s one from the foggy forest that I like the most, the one with a dead tree in the middle of it.

      Yes he’s still trying to figure out how the world works without Orvar. I doubt he ever will be the nasty cat again 🙂

      I’m so glad that we finally are having a few days without rain but the wind died out totally so the flies have been nasty all day, can’t even go far in my garden before tey come to destroy my day. Lots of sunshine though and it is getting warmer too. I don’t need that horrible heat again but it is nice if it goes above 68 for a day or two 🙂

      Have a great day!



  2. what’s up with bertil? why has he become nice? 46 degrees sounds like a dream to me. i am about to go out and float in the pool. anything to stay cool!


    1. Hi Joyce!

      He is still totally lost after Orvar died. I guess he figured out being nasty doesn’t give lots of friends 🙂

      It was really nice and it felt much warmer since we had no wind. Still no wind, rather warm, lots of sunshine and around a zillion of fies just waiting for us to go outside. I so wish they all just could die!

      A pool wouldn’t be troo bad to have 🙂 Imust get a new small one for Sune so he can take his baths and not smell like bog afterwards 🙂

      Have a great day!



  3. Hi Christer! Sounds like a perfect morning to me! We are under an extreme weather watch due to heat and humidity. We will see temps with humidity around 45 over the next few days. I detest these kinds of temps and will be cranky until they end! 🙂 Love the foggy pictures – fog adds such a nice ethereal element I think. Wish we had more fog. I would gladly trade some heat for fog any day! 🙂 Back to work today, feeling better but still sick! I need to rest…that’s the best thing….Have a good evening!!!


    1. Hi Dianna!

      It sure was and the day has been rather good too but since there’s no wind there are lots of flies around instead. So I actually skipped the last walk because I just can’t stand them! I do hope tonight will be chilly too and there’s a chanse we’ll get fog tomorrow again 🙂

      We won’t be even close to those temperatures even with high humidity, thank god 🙂

      Yes resting has made me much better but I’m still not fully back to normal. I do hope You’ll get better fast, no fun working and feeling sick!

      Have a great day!



  4. I love all kinds of weather, especial colder weather and rain, but for some reason, fog bothers me and there is NO reason for it to do so. It makes me uneasy. I don’t like the idea of not being able to see around me I suppose. I don’t mind it much if I am inside with walls around me but not outside. I get spooked …silly I know.


    1. Hi Mona!

      I know of several people feeling just like You about fog but personally I just love it 🙂 I think I like the feeling of not knowing what might be ahead of me 🙂

      have a great day!



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