It’s promoting animal abuse and I really don’t like it!

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I woke up a few minutes too late today, it was still chilly, around 10C (50F) but the ground fog had left and some flies had started to fly around. Not so many that I got annoyed but I really wish their season would be over by now. WE had a nice walk anyway since the sun was shining and the wind blowing. I didn’t much wildlife though, just a few geese that flew above our heads (and the flies of course 🙂 ).


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I guess You all have heard about the game Pokemon? It seems everyone now is out on the streets looking for Pokemon’s to catch with their mobile phones. They are so in to this that they don’t notice anything around them and some I’ve read has even been robbed while looking for these creatures. Do You know what this game is all about? It is all about animals fighting for the amusement of humans. Some of the creatures use electricity, some wind, some water and so on.


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These creatures are then used in fights and of course even in the game they suffer but get miraculously better after resting in one of the “balls” (I don’t know the name of that ball) so they can fight once again. There are championships and the owner can get prices of course. Yes I know this is just a game and the creatures aren’t real but does kids understand that? To be honest does grownups understand i because there are plenty of dogfighting, cockfighting and other such things around the world.


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If it is ok to let animals fight in games will kids growing up with this understand that it isn’t ok to do so in real life with real animals? Most will of course understand that animal fights are wrong but plenty enough will not. Have You seen what a bait dog looks like? the one that doesn’t fight but they let other dogs attack? Have You seen what the fighting dogs look like afterwards? Roosters and dogs die when being forced to fight, yes they are forced because they would never do this if they had a choise.


The last photo from this morning. The rest are from yesterday.
The last photo from this morning. The rest are from yesterday.
Sotis is easily spotted :-)
Sotis is easily spotted 🙂

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Plenty of Shrikes here this summer too.
Plenty of Shrikes here this summer too.

So that’s why I really hate games like this and just can’t understand how people can think it is a fun thing. So if You belong to those thinking this is a fun game and get hits by a car while trying to catch one of these creatures all I have to say is that  You deserve it.


When I ordered poppy seeds I ordered Papaver rhoeas, Common poppy. Instead it turns out I got seeds from Papaver argemone, Long pricklyhead. Well it is a poppy but I don't think this one is as pretty.
When I ordered poppy seeds I ordered Papaver rhoeas, Common poppy. Instead it turns out I got seeds from what I think is Papaver argemone, Long pricklyhead. Well it is a poppy but I don’t think this one is as pretty.

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Have a great day!


14 thoughts on “It’s promoting animal abuse and I really don’t like it!

    1. Hi Joyce!

      Unfortunately it is and they show the animated series in morning when lots of kids watch. I can only hope that parents tells kids that it isn’t ok to have animal fights in real life but to be honest I doubt very few even cares.

      have a great day!



  1. Hi Christer,
    Cock fights, dog fights, bear baiting, bull fighting and every other cruelty done to animals existed long before Pokemon. It’s not caused by watching imaginary cartoon animals fight each other. It could be argued that Pokemon and other such games are what normal people do instead of participating in cock fights and dog fights because they know nothing living gets hurt. Abnormal people require the real thing. Pokemon is no different than any other cartoon where the characters are shot full of arrows or fall off cliffs or are crushed under falling pianos only to pop back up and continue on as if nothing has happened. Kids have been watching this stuff since 1950 and most of them have grown up knowing that one doesn’t do that stuff to actual living things.
    While someone might deserve getting hit by a car because they’re watching their phone, it would be for stupidity not because they were playing Pokemon. And the driver who hits them certainly doesn’t deserve to have that burden for the rest of his life.
    I don’t get Pokemon Go. To me, searching for fake animals in real life settings is silly but I’m not a game person. There are much more interesting things to see out there than cartoon characters.

    What is that thistle looking plant underneath the poppy?

    It’s not as hot here today but it’s more humid. There’s a thin cloud cover. It’s not a comfortable day. I wish it would rain.

    Enjoy the day.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      Of course it has, pokemon has only existed since 1990’s something.
      Yes it could be argued that way but of course kids get influensed from these games unless there’s an adult showing them otherwise.

      I do agree with You about the poor driver who might hit someone just because they are stupid anough to watch their phone instead on where they are walking. I just read about a MMA fight where the winner tossed one of those balls one catch the pokemons with towards the looser 🙂 🙂 I doubt I would catch pokemons even if I liked it, I agree there are so many more interesting thing in the real world 🙂

      The thistle like flower is an Alpine Sea Holly, Eryngium alpinum. I thought mine had died out last winter so I got a bit surprised when it showed up this spring 🙂

      We’re having a really nice day here, sunny and warm plus a wind that blows away most flies 🙂 They say we’ll have it like this the coming week 🙂

      have a great day!



      1. I think you sent me some sea holly seeds a couple of years ago. I planted them down by the swamp but they never grew. Or if they did, something ate them while they were young and tasty.


      2. Yes I did but wasn’t it the silvery one? I’ve heard that they are very tasty for animals when they are young so they probably was a yummy lunch for someone 🙂


  2. Hi Christer! Oh yes that stupid Pokémon thing is here to. We had some kids coming racing down our street stop suddenly and run out of their car and all over our lawns and then down the street. Stupidest thing ever. I agree with you, you get what you deserve with that game. As for animal abuse just the thought of it makes me see red. I can’t even think about it without getting so very angry.

    My cold is still visiting. I am sneezing like an idiot but my throat really isnt sore anymore just a bit picky. My nose is running like a tap too. How lovely. :@

    We had a torrential downpour earlier. I was stuck in my car trying to go do groceries and finally just made a run for it. The sun is now out. The risk for more is still there for later.

    Sea holly is one of the banes of my existence! It creeps and spread so bad in my garden I am still picking it out after three years of pulling it. Just like yarrow I will never plant that again.

    Have a good evening!!!


    1. Hi Dianna!

      Over here someone called the police when they thought a criminal gan was outside their homes, turned out to be lots of people looking for pokemons 🙂 🙂

      I really can’t like something that glorifies animal abuse even if it’s just an animated game. Yes if they get hit they do get what theyd eserve but as Caryn said I would feel sad for the poor person hitting someone.

      I gave this cold to a work friend, he had just started to work after spine surgery 🙂 He’s not so happy right now 🙂 One can say a lot about me but I’m not stingy, I share what I have 🙂

      The sky looiks like it should rain but so far just a few drops. rather nice outside though but I wouldn’t mind if thge wind could start blowing again 🙂

      My different Sea hollies just spread just around where they are, I wish they could have spread some more to be honest 🙂 Yarrow however is a real pest! It’s really hard to pull up from the ground even if I only have sand and it spreads a lot here, like the smell though so it always sm,ell so nive when I mow them 🙂

      have a great day!



  3. Well said. I think it’s a silly game considering it looks like mostly adults playing! I don’t understand what the game is at all. I think there are better things to be spending idle time with than chasing cartoon characters and I had no idea the pokemons had to fight!


    1. Hi Alice and welcome to my blog!

      I think those playing this game are the ones growing up with it, so that’s why there are so many grown ups playing it.

      I don’t like how the game glorifies animal abuse. I know it is just animated animals but still. I guess that if one gets caught in a game it can start to controll ones life, I have never really gotten in to the world of vidoe games thankfully. I’m happy with Mahjong on the computer 🙂

      have a great day and welcome back!



  4. Hade inte en aning om vad det här spelet handlade om, men jag gillar det inte heller. 😦 ALLT som har med djur att göra som går emot djurets egna natur är fel, sen må det vara vad som helst. T.ex. att hetsa dom att jaga andra djur, eller plåga dom på något som helst sätt, eller bura in djur i hägn för att vi människor ska kunna se dom “live”. Jag gillar inte det heller….. 😦 😦 😦


    1. Hejsan Susie!

      Jag gillar verkligen inte hur man glorifierar djurmisshandel i ett spel. Visst det är bara tecknade karaktärer men det är lätt att om man accepterar en sak i spel att man också gör det i verkligheten, speciellt om det är barn so håller på.

      Djurparker är väl trots allt ett onödigt ont numera, allt fler djur blir ju utrotade i sina hemområden tyvärr.

      Ha det gott!



  5. I just recently heard of the game on the news here in California and they did show people walking around looking at their phones. I didn’t pay much attention and really didn’t catch what the whole thing was about. I want to look into it further because I agree with you. However, money rules and trying to stop something like that would be impossible when so many start doing it.
    I also heard of a couple in Japan that played some sort of game or something..not sure what, and took care of a “cyber” baby and let their own starve to death pushed off into a corner. I was horrified and it sounds like this is another so called “game” that can lead to the wrong message for children and some adults and danger to the players. This new cyber age is…a strange place..and getting stranger by the day.
    Thanks for giving an explanation of the game. I didn’t know. 🙂


    1. Hi Mona!

      Yes money rules but I just can’t understand how a game that glorifies animal abuse (even if it isn’t real animals) can become so popular. What is even worse is when they get so in tothe game that they stop noticing what happens around them,they could be hit by cars and they just don’t care 🙂

      Yes I’ve read about that Japanese couple too and I just don’t understand what they were thinking??? How can anything be more intersting than their own child??? You are so right, the cyberv world is a strange place. I like to take a look into it but I prefer to stay in the real world 🙂

      Have a great day!



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