I can’t remember they predicted that for today :-)

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We had thunder today, can’t remember that they predicted that yesterday but it came anyway. We realized that at work when the electricity broke and everything went black and quiet 🙂 I looked at the live lightning site and saw that a few lightnings hit the bog and several the mountain here but none in the village. The dogs aren’t afraid of the thunder but if it hits in the village even I jump high sometimes 🙂


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The evening is quite nice now, somewhat cool, sunshine, a weak wind and low humidity. We’ll have a rather unstable weather this week but still lots of sunshine and some rain too. This is the last week before my vacation starts so I don’t care what weather we’re having right now 🙂 I do hope however that it won’t be too rainy from Friday and four weeks ahead.


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Even though we have had lots of rain lately it still is very dry in the creeks. Most of them have no water yet but the one Sune loves to take a bath in has at least so much water that he can sink down almost entirely 🙂 Too bad we don’t live close to a lake where he could take daily baths, the ones around here are rather muddy or filled with so much iron that they are slightly read in their color. I was thinking I should drive to our biggest lake one day during my vacation so he can swim out into the lake, he would love that 🙂


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It is time to make something to eat and I’ll have cocoa today, even if it is fairly warm it still feels like cocoa weather. Only four more days till vacation 🙂 Today I also want to wish all You from the United States a Happy 4th of July!


DSC_0037 (3)

I sowed a lot of seeds from annuals this spring, I think this is a Clarkia.
I sowed a lot of seeds from annuals this spring, I think this is a Clarkia.
My tiny poppy isn't at all as beautiful as the Beekeeper's.
My tiny poppy isn’t at all as beautiful as the Beekeeper’s.
The Ginnala maple show some colors now.
The Ginnala maple show some colors now.

Have a great day!


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DSC_0046 (3)

My wheelbarrow are now full of dahlias.
My wheelbarrow is now full of dahlias. Wont take long till the first buds show now.

8 thoughts on “I can’t remember they predicted that for today :-)

  1. Hi Christer,
    Nice new place you have. 🙂

    If you take Sune to the big lake, clip a floating boat rope on him. Sometimes dogs get so excited about swimming in the big lake that they swim out really far and don’t want to come back. A rope serves as a safety backup to verbal commands. You want one that floats so there’s less chance to get caught on anything underwater. I got the hollow braid monofilament polypropylene kind because it’s screaming cheetah yellow and can be seen from afar 🙂 and it’s really easy to put clips on and splice it to itself. My old dog Tegan loved to swim in the lake but she really, really loved to chase the Canada geese out into the water and keep chasing them as they swam away. That boat rope came in very handy a lot of times.

    It’s Independence Day here. Last night there were fireworks in several towns around me and one of my neighbors had some heavy duty stuff that he shot off in his back yard. Fortunately my dogs are not upset by loud explosions. They slept through most of the noise. When I took them out for their last hurrah the air smelled of cordite or whatever it is that explodes in those things. That’s how much my neighbor was shooting. It’s quiet today. I hear the odd firecracker now and then. I’m not smelling any grilling of hot dogs and hamburgers yet. My town has its parade in a little while and the fireworks display is tonight. When I was a kid, we could watch them from my parent’s bedroom window though most years we went to the lake and watched. The trees have grown too high now.

    The thought of hot cocoa is not pleasant. It’s warm here and just a tiny bit humid. Iced drinks only for me TYVM. 🙂 Enjoy the day. Vacation countdown!


    1. Hi Caryn!

      Yes I need to get that before we go there. I once had a dog that loved to swim out in the ocean but the older she got the harder it was for her to come back, so I had to take a couple of swims myself 🙂 No problems back inthe days but I’m not sure I would like to do it now 🙂

      We really don’t know how to celebrate our national day so most of the people go to their summer houses or just relax all day. The only parade we have here in this country is the Pride parade 🙂 They actually have one in my old home town too, they have a carneval there every spring and it looks like a mini version of the one they have in Rio 🙂

      Much cooler here so cocoa isn’t that bad 🙂 Only three more days now 🙂

      have a great day!



  2. It’s a bit confusing trying to find where comments are or where to leave comments. I finally found the Menu up above but it’s a little vague about how to comment.
    When I left the comment above, I did it just as I have done comments on the previous site. I clicked on the Leave a Comment button on the bottom. But when I came back to see if there was a Reply, it was different and the Leave a Comment Button was gone. I found my comment in the Menu above but I’m not sure w.hether this is a new comment or a reply to my own comment.


    1. Hi Caryn!

      I’m not totally happy with how it is now so I’ll keep on looking for another background.

      I think this is a new comment and not a reply but I’m not sure, can’t figure that out even here on the dashboard 🙂



      1. This is better. At least it’s more obvious that comments have been made. Menu clicking was not required.
        I was momentarily startled when I opened your blog from my Top Sites button. I thought for a second that my computer had reverted back to the old site. Oh no! Oh. No. Okay. 😀


      2. I’m changing again 🙂 Last one I couldn’t find anywhere to comment, the one You see now is better but still not good so I’ll find another one 🙂


  3. Hi Christer! I totally missed this post from yesterday and when I was going through my emails saw this one! Oops! I hope your day goes by fairly quickly and then its closer to your vacation! 🙂


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